Our Vision

To impart Montessori teacher’s training to adult women wishing to acquire a specialized technique for constructive channelizing of intellectual growth along with a psychological understanding of children. Assist all trainees in securing JOBS in schools already in existence. The training also helps young mothers in bringing up their children in a more positive and constructive manner. To equip these teachers, by giving them all the technical and practical know-how in opening their own pre-primary and primary schools. The training is student centric and give the students a good understanding of the Montessori methodology with the aim of making them confident in facing interviews for school teachers. This course enables them to be managerially and technically skilled so much so that PERI trained women can open there own pre schools and curb unemployment.

____Mrs. Ranjita Dutta Head of the Institute.

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# Date Issue
1 2022-05-01 Viva Exam in from 10:00 hrs
2 2022-06-01 Summer Session starts
3 2022-05-30 New admission by end of September



Diploma in Montessori (pre-primary) Teachers Training

Course duration: Six Months

Certificate course in Montessori Teachers Training

Course duration: Three months


Female candidates of age 18 years and above and have passed their class XII examination or equivalent are eligible for admission.

The course consists of the following subjects:

Theory Papers:

  • Principles of Education
  • Child Psychology
  • School organization and administration
  • Montessori method & Philosophy
  • Early Childhood care and Education

Practical Papers:

  • Demonstration and Explanation of the Montessori Apparatus
  • General Methods of Teaching
  • Geometry Nomenclature
  • Botany and Zoology nomenclature
  • Environmental Science
  • Basic Arithematic
  • Rhymes & Story Telling
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic English & Phonetics
  • Psychology Projects

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PERI Montessori, Dibrugarh Center - 2
Ratanpur, East Milan Nagar
Dibrugarh, Assam
Contact: +91-9954723621
Email: ranjita827@gmail.com

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